The ideal tool

With Quickpay you can generate custom charges and send them anywhere, anytime.

The charges are designed so that your customers are able to pay easily and quickly.

QuickPay Benefits

Once you have your PixelPay account activated you can enjoy all the QuickPay benefits without additional charges.


Create your email template with the message and logo that represent your company.

Attached Files

Attach relevant files to the charges as quotes or invoices.

Product Details

Activate product details when you have an id for each product or different prices.

Social Media

Share the payment link on any digital platform

Massive Payments

If you have many customers, generate multiple charges in a single management. Upload a file with the name, subject, amount and email. Each of your clients will receive an email with the amount to be canceled.

Common usage

This utility is propper for educational institutions, gyms and monthly service providers.

How do we improve your business?

With QuickPay you can innovate and optimize your operation by simply changing the way you collect.

No more multiple POS

Turn your phone into a smart POS. Send charges through any digital platform and keep a detailed control of your sales.

Make your store reach everywhere using our payment solution.


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