Add QR to your documents

Say goodbye to queues. If your business has a huge number of customers, add the QR code to your receipts and your customers will be available to make their payments easily from wherever they are.


Scan the QR-Code

Enter the camera app of your phone, if you have a smartphone, it will detect the code once you point to it.


Payment Link

When you scan the code, you will be redirected to the payment window with the fields you must fill to complete the payment.


Success Notification

Once you Entered the information required click “Pay”and your payment voucher will arrive to your email.

QR Boosted

More than a QR code, we integrate into your company's system.

The best part of QR Pay, is that your entire operation will be controlled
and synchronized with the payment module.


Accounting system

Customers order system

Advanced support

Any Business

QR codes can be applied to different business where there is no effective payment solution.


Provide the best attention.

Parking Lots

Delete queues.


Pay your bills.


Validate tickets sold.

You still don't decide?

Visit any Pizza Hut, Denny's or KFC from Honduras! Save time avoiding queues  and pay from your table.

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Our team will get back to you as soon as possible