New sales channels

You don't have a website? No problem. Create a profile for your product and share it on your social media.

Choose Variants

Configure variants easily such as sizes and colors.

Inventory Control

Add an inventory limit and sell only products in stock.

Order System

Keep tracking your orders and the delivery status of products sold.

Shipping Type

You decide if your product will be sent to the customers or invite your customers to pick up at the store.

As easy as publishing your products on social media

Social media is the best way to connect with your customers.
Not only show your products to more people, you give them the option to make purchases with credit or debit card instantly.

Multiple ways to use it

InstaShop is one of the favorite options for brands that compete strongly in social networks.

Tickets and Events

Instashop gives you the opportunity to sell tickets by creating payment links.

Once your customers pay you, you can validate the tickets by scanning a QR code. Whether it's a concert or a marathon, you can keep detailed control of the tickets you sell.

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