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We develop to your needs. Boost your own online sales with our "White Label" platform. We have innovative tools for your customers to be able make payments by credit or debit card.

"PixelPay is the complete payment platform with 3D Secure."

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Join the world’s fastest-growing payment channel by offering the benefits of safe online transactions with PixelPay®


It offers a range of solutions for E-Commerce, accepting payments from any device at the regional level.

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Nos integramos a tu switch transaccional. Soporte altamente capacitado en E-Commerce. Capacitaciones a tu equipo de ventas.

3D Secure

It is the authentication protocol for cards not present. 3D Secure discourages the unauthorized use of the card and allows merchants to receive protection for possible chargebacks.

How does it work?

During the purchase process, 3D Secure verifies if the operations carried out with cards are part of the protocol to avoid fraudulent activities.

Visa and Mastercard

3D Secure allows merchants to freely trade with Visa and MasterCard cards.


Protect your businesses against possible fraud.

3D secure authentication

Verification for the processing of Visa and Mastercard cards.

PCI DSS Certification

Data security standards of the credit card industry.

Comodo Secure

Designed to provide protection and prevention against malware.

AES Encryption

Advanced encryption standards for data security.

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